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Amplify helps you start your journey in affiliate world by working on top brands, we provide trackers, dashboards payments and coaching while you focus on traffic building and campaign management, we focus to make your life easier and business more profitable in a hassle-free experience.

We are a network inclusive to all traffic owners, whether website owners, performance marketers, media outlets or influencers 


Sales Generated


Registered Publishers


Sales Generated


Registered Publishers

Best Brands Work With Amplify​

Covering All Your Interests

A Multitude of Rewarding Campaigns

Get Access to +15 of the top profitable categories globally with the top brands and promote. high quality products & services.

Food & Beverages

Fashion & Apparel

Real estate


Skin Care

Makeup & Fragnances

Sports & Fitness

Electronics & Appliances

Financial services

Furniture & Decor




Education & Career

Travel & Tourisum

Gifting & Logistics

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Unlimited campaign types

Collaborations that fit all your needs

Our network allows you to get the awareness or conversion results you need through multiple campaign types with influencers and affiliates. 

A 5-Setp Process

From Signup to Monetizing, We Made It All Easy & Fast

Free & Easy Registration

Start working easily, our signup process is very fast, smart and followed by the support of our multilingual & professional account managers.

Promote Top Global Brands

Access +50 campaigns with local and international clients, once you apply for the campaign you like, one of our support team will share with you the trackers and offer  24/7 support.

Promote Your Codes & Links

Amplify offers the most famous tracking option and allows you to work on the channels you like either organic or paid.

Powerful Human-Friendly Reporting

Amplify’s platform is built around strong data engineering & latest technologies in a user-friendly experience and timely reports and continuous development along the way.

Accurate & Timely Payments

We offer a strong tracking for payments and we offer multiple payments options suitable for partners across the globe. 
And most importantly we pay on time.

Powerful 360 Support

Ensuring Your Success

We offer you a hassle free experience where we offer everything you need to start and grow while you focus on making money.

We offer 24/7, multilingual, fast & personalized support for all of our publishers.

We offer the highest commissions in the market as well as funding options.

Our tech is based on solid data engineering & integrations that collects & shows data timely & directly from the client.

Start working with us in few minutes and get any help fast from our support chat.

Work anytime, anywhere & select campaigns & markets you like using the traffic channels you favour.

We are beginner friendly, offering access to +10 years of digital experience in free courses & content.

We only work with the top global and local brands that offer world class quality products and services.

Payouts are calculated and paid smarter; we offer multiple payment options suitable for publishers across the globe.

We ensure that your data is private, and that zero-fraud happens from our partners.

Accessibility Everywhere

Track Your Numbers On The Go

Our Culture Drives Success

We are a team of multipotentialities  with a purpose

Empowering Entrepreneurs & Intrapreneurs everyday

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Frequently asked questions

How do I begin?

  1. Sign up for a free partner account.
  2. Choose between +30 campaigns in various categories.
  3. Request coupons from our support team or from the platform directly
  4. Promote your coupon on social media or any other allowed method or channel
  5. Earn commission for every sale.

I don't have experience.

Our team can direct you on some tips to jump start your affiliate journey.
Also, soon we will add some courses/workshops to help you in starting and scaling.

How can I track my numbers?

Our system (Amplify Growth) tracks orders from our trusted clients through codes and links and attributes it to your account within 1 hour to 24 hours maximum from order placement. And you can check your numbers from your account and navigate multiple report layouts.

How can I get my payout/commission?

After each month we validate the orders and start paying for net valid orders within 30 days for the previous month. 

We pay through multiple methods including bank transfers, digital wallets and more will be available soon.

How does it work?

Amplify takes all the hustle of contacting the clients, generating codes and handling integrations and payments.
We want you to focus on what matters most, promotion and orders generation.

How can I promote my code

Allowed method’s include social media (organic & paid) – Paid search & display (If allowed by client), Websites and blogs.

Please follow brand guidelines, use high quality correct logos and recommended visuals and offers.

Please avoid the following:
tagging the client on social media nor commenting on their posts, no spamming allowed, no brand bidding, no fake or misleading offers or content.

Why are you different?

Accordion Content

What do I get beside money or gifts?

Accordion Content

Do you have more questions about our solutions?

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